Buying GOLD


Pricing last updated on: 20.09.2023 22:24

Gold type Buy

Who can sell us articles of precious metals?

Legal or natural adult persons, legal owners, carrying out the sale on their own behalf and against the provision of an identity document.

Subject of purchase  are:

  • coins – sample 900 and higher.
  • bars – sample 995 and higher.

How do we determine the price?

The price per gram of gold depends on the current stock exchange quotation. You can see the current price on the website or by calling us  on 02 981 78 50. Payment is made immediately after determining the exact weight and purity of the material.

  • We do not buy gold powder and uncleaned dental gold.
  • If the product has stones, we remove them or deduct from the weight of your product.

Gold products: FACTOR I.N. AD buys gold products with a sample over 375 (9K)

If you are not sure about the weight and cleanliness of your products, we give you the opportunity for our specialists to establish these values ​​(products that are not accompanied by a certificate).