Our offer is valid only for Bulgaria 

What does it mean: money transfer with MoneyGram?

International and domestic money transfers through MoneyGram are affordable and convenient alternative to traditional banks and credit cards. MoneyGram allows people safely and reliably to send and receive money at attractive fee all around the world in just 10 minutes.

As a world leader in money transfers, MoneyGram offers a network of over than 336,000 agents in 200 countries makes it easily to find a place near you, where you can send or receive money. For Bulgaria the number is approaching 2000 offices.

MoneyGram is a global service , whose main representative in Bulgaria is Factor I.N.. We are registered financial institution dealing with money transfers , loans , insurance, currency exchange and more. Every non-bank institution needs to connect only with Factor I.N. if it is interested in offering the services of the international monetary system in Bulgaria .

What can we offer?

Factor I.N. is offering a long time partnership. For every money transfer you get:

  • Commissions for each transaction through MoneyGram's system
  • Commissions for a loan application, whether approved or not
  • Commission equal to the % of the fee for each installment microcredit
  • Attracts new group of customers
  • Offer a service that complements the current
  • Training , promotional materials and software
  • Leading technology combined with a call center
  • Constant marketing support to increase consumer traffic and sales