Actual currency catalogue


Find our catalogue of the currencies here.


Working time for the septembers events

From here you could see the working time of our offices for 05,06,22 and 29.09.


Our campaign had finished


Dear friends, on 12.07 was announced the end of our campaign "Bringing you closer 3". You can see the winners here


Factor I.N. & Grafa

  Dear friends, on the 12 of May Grafa will start his European Tour. The Tour will take place in 10 big Cities in Europe. Factor I.N. is giving away to 10 of our customers 2 tickets each. If you are in Bulgaria you can give them to you friends and relatives in Europe.
  I bet you are wondering: "What is it with this plane on the photo?" 
  Every person who has visited one of the concerts and then used Factor I.N. services, has the chance to win a plane ticket and allowance, so he can be CLOSER TO HIS FAVOURITE PERSON.
Everyone in Factor I.N. wishes you luck !



We drew our second winner

We have our second winner for the concert in Vienna! Today Grafa drew - Diana Slavova.


Exclusive from Factor I.N. and Grafa


 Now you have the chance to win a plane ticket and allowance, so you can be closer to your friends and relatives abroad !!!
 You can win the tickets if you take part in the raffle, organized by Factor I.N. and with the special support of Grafa.


Grafa drew our first winner from the raffle, "Bringing you closer together"

We now know our first winner - Mariela Nakova has won two tickets for the concert in London. She can give them to her friends in England. 


Have you gave recently someone the reason to SMILE? Well here at Factor I.N. we are doing it on a daily basis!

With Factor I.N. and Grafa you also have the chance to give your friends a reason to smile. HOW?

    1. Send or receive money from the offices of Factor I.N. during the campain;
    2. Register your reference number by internet hear.
    3. Win two tickets for a concert of your choise. Give the tickets to a friend in Europe.


"Bringing you closer together" - For a third consecutive year


  Dear friends, for a third consecutive year Factor I.N. is giving away three plane tickets to the luckiest of you. In 2016 we have the great honor to be working with the one of the most famous bulgarian pop-stars Vladimir Ampov - Grafa. His tour will take place in 10 big European Cities. Only in Factor I.N. offices you have the chance to win tickets for Grafas Tour. You can give those tickets to your friends and relatives in Europe. They will have the chance to see Grafa perform live on stage and hear his best hits.


Factor I.N. is now part of Google +

  Dear friends now you can follow us on Google plus at:


Who can use MoneyGram?

  • You are working in a foreign country and you want to send money to your family.
  • When you have to send fast - money in cash to your friend, relative or employee in a foreign country or city.
  • When you are travelling and you lose your wallet or it gets stolen from you. Or whenever you need money to come back home.
  • Your children are studying abroad.



International Money Transfer



  With more than 1900 locations in Bulgaria, Factor I.N. is giving you quick and easy access to the MoneyGram services. For those of you who are living abroad and want to find the MoneyGram offices in the world visit .


You can find us on Facebook 


  Dear customers now you can follow Factor I.N. on Facebook  . There you can find all about our new promotions, games and      raffels.