Today FACTOR I.N., has over than 700 offices across the country in where you can make your money transfer. You can receive or send money, both in Bulgaria and abroad, in different currencies (EUR, USD or BGN). Systems for sending and receiving money that you can use in our offices are: MoneyGram and Factor Express.

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For the most part, our office network is not comprised of banking offices. That means - faster services, open hours: before 9:00 a.m. and after 05:30 p.m. Your comfort is the most important to us. Browse all offices and choose the most convenient for you to make your transfer.

Thanks to the traditions, high professionalism and deserved reputation of the company and its employees, as well as to the proven business ethics in the years since 2000, FACTOR  I.N. successfully partners with Money Gram Payment System Ltd, of which we are the one authorised representative for non-bank institutions in Bulgaria.

 You could use our services in:

  • OMV
  • Tip Top Courier (Tpost)
  • Sofia Commerce
  • Municipal Bank

as well as in all offices of our partners, where you find our logo.