We buy gold

last updated: 23.04.2019 11:17
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  Code Type Buy

Who can sell us items made of precious metals?

Legal entities or adults - legal owners of the precious metals who act on their behalf, against provision of identification papers

Subject to repurchase by us are:

  • Coins – with proof 900 and higher
  • Bullions - with proof 995 and higher

 How do we set the price?

The price per gram of gold or silver depends of the stock exchange price at the time. Actual price could be checked at the site or by telephone call on number: 02 981 78 50. Payment is due immediately after fixing the exact weight and purity of the material.

  •  we do not buy gold dust and uncleaned dental gold.
  •  If the item has stones, we remove them or deduct from the weight of your item.

Items of gold: FACTOR IN, PLC buys gold items with purity higher than 375 (9K).

Items made of silver: FACTOR IN, PLC buys silver coins, items with purity 925 and higher, bullions with purity 999.

If you are not sure in the weight and purity of your items, we provide the option of assaying and setting their value by our professionals (for items that are not accompanied by certificates).