Factor I.N., Plc grants short-term financing up to 1 year for small, medium and large enterprises, operating in all brands of the economy.

The main problem that our product solves for our clients is the liquidity problem - the need for "fresh" money. When working with our company you can count on speed, accuracy and flexibility. Once awarded, funding may be repaid ahead of schedule by a one month's notice without any penalties.

 What do you get?

  • Flexible procedures and decisions
  • Loan amount up to EUR 500,000
  • No fee for viewing documents
  • No “management fee”
  • Term of financing up to one year with an option for extension
  • Collateral evaluation by a licensed appraiser
  • Receiving response up to three days after application and submittal of all required documents
  • Payment of the monthly interest due only for the period of use
  • Repayment of 100% of the principal at the end of the contract period
  • Possibility of extension of the funding term through partial repayment of the principal

 All relevant information you can obtain by contacting our credit consultant at telephone number: 0700 17 412 * or by sending us your request via e-mail: credit@factorin.bg

what are the requirements?

  • A first ranking mortgage on real property is accepted as collateral only in district centers put into operation by Act 16.
  • As collaterals are accepted regulated land properties and farmlands.
  • As collateral are not accepted mortgages notionally.
  • Movable property is accepted as collateral only in formation of a real pledge.

 * at the cost of a local city call