Thanks to our flexible policy and innovative model of work, FACTOR I.N., successfully placed on the credit market a product that can meet the needs of each micro, small and medium business in situations, such as:

  • You have received a refusal for a credit by a bank institution;
  • You must pay urgently for materials;
  • You have outstanding obligations;
  • You are in need of new machines;
  • You need funds for investment;
  • You are applying under a European programme.

In all cases, you can count that we will stand by you! Choose the credit that suits your needs: Business credit (corporate finance), credit lines, auto secured loan.

If our proposal is of interest to you, we would like to direct you to additional information and more details. Select one of the options of the menus / products in the upper part of the page and learn more.

 We offer you different types of properties. If you are interested in purchasing of real estates that can be used in your business (warehouses, land, etc.) or you are interested in housing at an attractive price, you have to see our proposals by clicking the button "properties".

Real estate